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Garden Variety: Saturday, March 23 | 9pm

March 17, 2024

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Second Inversion

Japanese Garden Tree in Porland. Photo by Michael Matti.

by Maggie Molloy

A beautiful garden is like a portal to another world. You leave the everyday behind and step into a place of color and possibility, life blooming around every corner. It nourishes the spirit. A good piece of music can do the same.

This Saturday on Second Inversion: Garden Variety! Music of flowers, fauna, and other enchantments. We’ll take a stroll through the traditional gardens of Japan, visit a place where lost souls return as flowers, take a tumble down the rabbit hole with Alice, and receive a bit of advice from a caterpillar smoking hookah on a mushroom.

To listen, tune in to Classical KING on Saturday, March 23 at 9pm PT.

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